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Grade: A+ 4 Stars
Grade: A to A- 3.5 Stars
Grade: B+ to B 3 Stars
Grade: B- to C+ 2.5 Stars
Grade: C to C- 2 Stars
Grade: D+ 1.5 Stars
Grade: D 1 Star
Grade: D- .5 Stars
Grade: F 0 Stars
 The Fact Sheet
Does The Independent Critic accept film submissions?
Absolutely. I accept wide release, indies, shorts, experimental, student and straight-to-DVD in all genres. While I'd love to receive a heads up about the submission (theindependentcritic@yahoo.com), it's not necessary. Turn-around time is typically 2-4 weeks.
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Where do I submit films?
Please contact me first by e-mail (theindependentcritic@yahoo.com). At this time, I do still use a central mailing location. This may be changing in the near future as additional writers join me. The mailing address is: The Independent Critic 5115 Devon Drive Indianapolis, IN 46226
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What are your other submission guidelines?
1) Please include your film's website and/or IMDB page. PLEASE NOTE: I have recently switched from using a movie poster with film reviews and now strongly prefer to use an embedded trailer. If you have a trailer, please include it. 2) Please include the following info: Film Title Complete Cast & Crew Credits (Seriously, Your film will NOT be reviewed without it). Running Time Distributor (Theatrical, DVD or Web if applicable) MPAA Rating or "Advisory" info and Year Made Due to the high volume of films submitted, failure to include basic information eliminates your film from consideration for review.
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How do you screen films?
1) Promo screenings in Central Indiana, both public and private. 2) DVD/Blu-Ray submission. I have a STRONG preference for the full production package (In other words, a "completed" DVD w/packaging). I realize this is not always possible. 3) Streaming. I'm more than happy to review films online, and regularly review with Vimeo and Indiepix. Please be sure, however, this is how your film is best represented.
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Is there a fee to submit films?
Nope. However, please note that I do not return DVD's. I sympathize with the cost of filmmaking and promotion, but running a film website is also expensive!
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Can I include an extra DVD or another item for promo?
Sure, I love to promo with both indie and Hollywood films. I'm happy to do giveaways for films, DVD's, novelty items, screening tickets, etc. If you're trying to time it for a particular event (Release or Festival screening), please drop me an e-mail so I make sure to time it.
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Do you interview filmmakers?
Sure, and I hope to expand this as my writing crew grows. I tend to want to do this after I've reviewed your film...though, I personally have no problem interviewing a filmmaker even if the review itself wasn't positive. I tend to look for positive angles for interviews, and I avoid gossip. However,especially if you have an event, fund-raiser or outreach event coming up with your film...let's promote it.
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Can I write for The Independent Critic?
I'm always interested in finding new contributors, especially those who cover festivals in your own locale or who have a specific interest/genre. Have an idea? Drop me a line. Please note that at this time, contributors are unpaid. You will receive full-byline and credit.
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Do you jury film festivals or make speaking appearances?
Absolutely. I've juried several film festivals and am always exploring additional opportunities. I can also bring The Independent Critic to your festival, conference or expo and am happy to lead workshops on film in a variety of genres.
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Can I advertise on your site?
Sure. Please contact me to discuss rates for text and/or banner ads. Please note that I am happy to exchange advertising for film festivals or film related events in exchange for sponsorship credit. NOTE: As part of my effort to serve the community, The Independent Critic will advertise text and/or banner ads for fund-raising events at no charge for 30 days.
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