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Helen Hood Scheer
Helen Hood Scheer, Scott B. Morgan
85 Mins.
Nutshell Productions
 "Jump" Review  
An Official Selection of the 2008 Indianapolis International Film Festival, "Jump!" is the story of six U.S. national jump-roping teams and the young people who comprise them.
It doesn't surprise you that there's competitive jump-roping does it? I mean, seriously, 20 years ago you could catch national Putt-Putt tournaments on Sunday television...so, it should go without saying that something as physically demanding as jump-roping would find its way into organized sports.
Noted television producer Helen Hood Scheer followed the competitors around the country for over a year's worth of practices and competitions all the way up to the Grand Nationals.
The stories range from the awesome to the inspirational. There's Tori, a young asthmatic and two time national champion whose drive will likely inspire anyone who faces obstacles to their dream, while the Summerwind Skippers double dutch team will have your eyeballs dancing in your head with disbelief.
Along with Scheer's in-depth research, co-writer and editor Scott B. Morgan's beautifully captures the complexity of the routines.
Filled with a positive vibe that radiates not only through the kids but also the camera work, "Jump!" is a light, yet entertaining documentary that will entertain families and, perhaps, inspire young people to follow their hearts and chase their dreams.

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