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 Reel Hope: Hollywood Gives Back 
Reel Hope: Hollywood Makes a Difference
In keeping with our spirit of making a difference in our community, what could be more natural for The Independent Critic than documenting the philanthropy, community service, foundations and organizations supported by your favorite Hollywood actors, actresses, directors, writers and other film industry professionals. Listed from A-Z, this comprehensive archive will list many of your Hollywood favorites, classic and contemporary, and the causes most important to them ranging from one-time support to lifelong commitments!

*The Independent Critic gratefully acknowledges actress Tara Cardinal, a "Scream Queen" who has starred in such films as "Delivery," "Genius," "Fable: Teeth of Beasts" and others, for agreeing to serve as the face and spokesperson of Reel Hope. Cardinal will be in appearing in a number of upcoming films including "Legend of the Red Reaper," "Song of the Shattered" and "Diary of Death" and is well known in the horror community for her efforts in community service to improve the lives of others. 
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