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 Reel Hope: "C" Celebrities
Reel Hope: "C" Celebrities
In keeping with our spirit of making a difference in our community, what could be more natural for The Independent Critic than documenting the philanthropy, community service, foundations and organizations supported by your favorite Hollywood actors, actresses, directors, writers and other film industry professionals. Listed from A-Z, this comprehensive archive will list many of your Hollywood favorites, classic and contemporary, and the causes most important to them ranging from one-time support to lifelong commitments!
Cage, Nicolas Cagney, James Caine, Michael Capra, Frank Carrey, Jim Carter, Helena Bonham Caviezel, Jim Chan, Jackie Chaplin, Charlie Chase, Chevy Cheadle, Don Clarkson, Kelly Cleese, John Clooney, George Close, Glenn Connery, Sean Cooper, Chris Costner, Kevin Crowe, Russell Cruise, Tom Cruz, Penelope Cusack, John Cusack, Joan Cyrus, Miley
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