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 "ER Season 15 DVD Review" 
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Having recently gained a new appreciation for actor Noah Wyle thanks to my interview with his Queen of the Lot co-star Tanna Frederick, it was refreshing to watch his work during the final season of ER. This Emmy Award-winning medical drama series lasted for 15 seasons on television before County General finally closed after turning George Clooney into a household name and restoring Anthony Edwards to the A-list.

Wyle never has quite tapped the A-list, though at the end he's clearly the highlight of the highly acclaimed and groundbreaking series. Watching the final season, with its still rich storylines and complex characters, is to realize that Wyle has always been under-appreciated as Dr. Carter.

This final season DVD, a 22-episode collection, includes a multitude of special features including "Outpatient Outtakes: Unaired Scenes" and a "Previously on ER" Retrospective Featurette. The final season also brought out a wide variety from stars and guests of seasons past, some expected and some quite the surprise.

If you loved ER, and many of you did right up until the end, then this final collection will be well worth it whether you pick it up as a rental or purchase.

Noah Wyle. George Clooney. Sherry Stringfield. Julianna Margulies. Eriq LaSalle. Maura Tierney. Mekhi Phifer. John Stamos. Linda Cardellini. Angela Bassett.

With talent galore and compassionate intelligence right up until its final episode, ER: Season 15 is worth a visit to the hospital one last time.

© Written by Richard Propes
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