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AC/DC (Of Course)
Eric Dionysius and Eric Mistler
Rated PG
Warner Home Video
"Collector's Edition" is limited to only 90k copies and comes in a collectible steel case with keepsake premium items and over an hour of bonus features including celeb interviews and MUCH more including "The Bedrock of Riff," 6 song-specific interviews, featurettes on Bon Scott and Angus Young.
Live Wire; Shot Down in Flames; Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be; Sin City; Wall All Over You; Bad Boy Boogie: The Jack; Highway to Hell; Girls Got Rhythm; High Voltage; Whole Lotta Rosie; Rocker; Let There Be Rock
 "AC/DC: Let There Be Rock 30th Anniversary" Review 
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I may be wrong, but I think I might've had an orgasm while watching AC/DC: Let There Be Rock's 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition in preparation for the DVD and Blu-Ray's Warner Home Video release celebrating the Paris concert's anniversary.


No, seriously.

Fans of AC/DC should rejoice with this digitally remastered edition that maintains everything you know and love about AC/DC, but ups the ante on the tech and makes the music sound better than ever.

True fans know that this was lead singer Bon Scott's final filmed live concert, and it has been remastered for both a DVD re-release and a Limited Collector's Edition to hit both online and brick-and-mortar stores on June 7, 2011. If you're a long time fan of the band (I am), then you've likely already seen/heard this concert over and over and over, why pick up this package? Warner has tossed in over 95 minutes of extra content, collectible packaging and keepsake premium items that are "must have" items for any AC/DC fan.

All 13 songs sound better than ever, and the entire band is in top notch form. It's astounding to think that this concert is getting ready to celebrate its 30th anniversary and AC/DC remains one of the top selling concert bands in the world. Extras include 6 song-specific interviews (always a treat), a wide variety of rockers/celebs recalling their own AC/DC experiences (more entertaining than you might think), featurettes on both Angus and Bon Scott and a bunch more.

How do you review rock history?

You really don't.

Get it for yourself.

Let there be rock. Indeed.

© Written by Richard Propes
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