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Directed by: John Wilberding, Shawn Grice
Written by: John Wilberding
Starring: John Wilberding, Ava Wilberding
Running Time: 24 Mins.
Release Date: April 16, 2010
Festivals: Wisconsin Film Festival (Premiere)
Grade: C+
2.5 Stars
 "Alberta, Detroit" Review 
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In Alberta, Detroit, a middle-class father (John Wilberding) loses his marriage and his job as a vacuum salesman. While his four-year-old daughter (Ava Wilberding) watches on innocently, the man searches for easy money and attempts to find anyone but himself to blame for the situation.

Written, co-directed by and starring John Wilberding, this 24-minute short is that rare short film that, surprisingly, feels just a touch lengthy in the way it unfolds. Wilberding creates an intriguing, involving character here, but the film lingers just a touch long in scenes that attempt to invite one into the world of this down on his luck fellow but instead only serve to reinforce our apathy.

This isn't the fault, however, of Wilberding's actual performance. Wilberding inhabits this man as a desperate, life weary man at times oblivious to the innocent wonder that surrounds him in the form of his four-year-old daughter.

Alberta, Detroit is currently playing as an official selection of the HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles.
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