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Rachel Seifert
83 Mins.
Journeyman Pictures
 "Cocaine Unwrapped" Looks Deep Inside the War on Drugs 
An intelligent and contemplative look at the "war on drugs," Rachel Seifert's Cocaine Unwrapped features unprecedented access to many of the key players in the "war" and examines with stark honesty the dark and true impact of this war that has largely failed in its stated objectives while, in many areas, proving to have a devastating impact to the economics of already poor regions of the world.

Cocaine Unwrapped quite literally travels around the world, with a strong focus on Latin American nations, in examining the misguided policies that have governed the "war on drugs" while also looking at the changes that many nations are experiencing such as Evo Morales' policies of "social control" in Bolivia. While it's doubtful that Cocaine Unwrapped will prove to be particularly informative for those already familiar with and/or opposed to the traditional "war on drugs," Seifert has still done a marvelous job of creating tremendous substance behind the opinions that already exist among many people. Her interviews are well done and, indeed, she does manage to put the mic in front of a pretty amazing number of policy, community and national leaders.

Cocaine Unwrapped is well produced, though the film possesses an almost piercing original score that at times distracts from the intimacy and importance of its message.

© Written by Richard Propes
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