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Woody Allen, Billy Crystal, Bob Balaban, Jennifer Garner, Amy Irving
Woody Allen
Rated R
97 Mins.
Fine Line
 "Deconstructing Harry" Review 
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It's happened over the years...for the longest time, it was not noticed. Once noticed, it remained unspoken. Sadly, I can stay silent about it no longer. I am SICK of Woody Allen. I find his voice obnoxious, his scripts to be largely trivial bulls... and his direction to be poorly paced, disaffecting and unimaginative. Okay...Okay...I know..."Annie Hall" was a brilliant film. I acknowledge that fact. It will never be in my Top 10, but "Annie Hall" was a well done film.

Woody, my some point you have to move on. The same crap year after year after year gets old. I have no idea how you get people to star in your films...I'm sure they have to work for less than usual...and, well, let's be's been years since you had anything close to a major hit. What is it?

At least with Spike Lee, there's typically a pretty average cast to start, if they look average it's okay. If the film works, it's a bonus. With you, Woody, well you have a gift for taking really talented people and making them look like buffoons.

"Deconstructing Harry" is whiny, pretentious crap made only slightly better by the trademark creative casting of an Allen film. This film has Richard Benjamin...Man, I love Richard Benjamin even if I can't to this day get rid of the flashbacks of him having sex with Julia Louis Dreyfus. Ick.

Tobey Maguire is here...I'd never even realized he'd done an Allen film...God, no wonder he's so willing to put on the Spiderman suit...He's getting enough financial stability so he never has to do crap like this film again. Billy Crystal & Demi Moore make halfway decent appearances, at least with a Woody Allen film there's always something interesting to look for...celebrity cameos and bit parts abound.

As usual, Allen wrote and directed this film in which he plays an author who wrote a book about his best friends...well, it's not exactly a flattering book so all his best friends come looking for him. It's a silly, whiny and self-deprecating script that only occasionally works.

I suppose I can't deny having an obvious Allen bias...Beyond sleeping with THEN marrying his adopted daughter (sicko), he continues to make self-centered, philosophical thumb twiddling garbage.

As you have probably guessed by now, I do NOT recommend this film.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic

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