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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Fabrice Joubert
Running Time
8 Mins.

 "French Roast" Review 
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In a fancy Parisian cafe, an uptight businessman realizes he's forgotten his wallet and bides his time by ordering more coffee. Lots more coffee. This 8-minute French language short film has a warm and fuzzy finish, but it's not likely enough to convince Academy voters that there's enough here to reward writer/director Fabrice Joubert with the golden statuette. "French Roast" nicely captures the feeling of an old-school Parisian cafe, including a rather stringy-haired beggar who winds his way through the cafe', a nun, a policement and the delightful waiter himself.

In the lightest of fashions, "French Roast" makes simple observations about the everyday quirks of being human while also gently reminding how a simple act of kindness can turn it all around.

Entertaining yet likely too inconsequential to be considered a serious contender for the Best Animated Short Film Oscar, "French Roast" is the first film written and directed by Joubert, who has worked on such projects as "Flushed Away," "Shark Tale" and the "Wallace & Gromit" feature film.