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Michael Allen (Narrator), Lizette Arteaga, Anthony Castellon
Michael Allen
85 Mins.
Green Galactic

 "How Hot Is It Going to Get?" Available from Green Galactic 
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The latest documentary release from Green Galactic, writer/director Michael Allen's How Hot is it Going to Get? is a somewhat alarmist yet mostly hopeful feature doc that seeks to inspire young voters, a majority of whom are generally believed to be supportive of climate action, to turn that support into concrete action by becoming more active on the political scene. 

Inspired by Allen's Daily Kos essay by the same name, How Hot is it Going to Get? is an informative and well meaning doc with a precise point of view that it backs up with the basic facts around global warming and an even more pointedly anti-Trump sentiment. The film's hopefulness lies in the fact that, as Allen points out, that we have the tools we need to do something about global warming - we simply need to do it and doing something involves a political influence that is being blocked by the current administration. 

While How Hot is it Going to Get? is informative and should engage the young adults it appears to be targeting, as a film How Hot is it Going to Get? is likely to sway any of global warming's detractors as the film is neither particularly engaging or compelling in its presentation of facts. While Allen assembles the information effectively, his narration of the film sounds like one of those dreadful sex ed tapes you used to watch in junior high that made you think sex was one of the most awful things ever (fortunately, we all knew better). Allen tries, at least at times, to be engaging but it's abundantly clear that voiceover work just isn't his thing and that lack of energy seems to radiate throughout the film including through the interviews with experts and a variety of young adults who are interviewed at points throughout the film. 

The film's opening scene, essentially a series of young adults sharing what they believe to be the worst problem facing us today, is two minutes of sloth-like drudgery that goes nowhere and isn't nearly as adorable as a baby sloth.

Okay, I'll admit that was a bit mean-spirited. 

But, seriously. It was a pretty awful opening scene. 

Fortunately, How Hot is it Going to Get? does actually improve. 

Listen, there's no doubt that How Hot is it Going to Get? is a well informed documentary. Allen's an obviously intelligent guy who also fervently believes in the message he's delivering. It's just a pity that doesn't get translated into a more engaging, effective documentary about such a vital and important cause. 

How Hot is it Going to Get? is currently available for rent and purchase. To check out the film for yourself, check out iTunes!

© Written by Richard Propes
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