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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed By
Danny Grossman
Danny Grossman, Elisa Dyann, Steve Barr, Jim Martyka, Rebecca Lyons
Running Time
9 Mins.

 "My Life in Subtitles" Review 
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"My Life in Subtitles" takes a familiar theme and brings it hilariously to life in this 9-minute short written, drected by and starring Danny Grossman of the SoCal Film Group.

In the film, David Kessler (Danny Grossman), wakes up one morning and finds that everything he says is being subtitled with what he's really thinking. A film crew follows David on his first day outside, and what follows is a little bit sad and a whole lot funny as the truth comes out about David, his wife (Elisa Dyann), his not gay neighbor (Steve Barr), his boss (Jim Martyka) and his soon-to-be girlfriend (Rebecca Lyons).

Grossman's script is light and crisp, and he and Elisa Dyann are delightful together. Ryan Polito's accompanying original music complements the action nicely, while Andrew Wardlaw's cinematography is simple yet effective.

"My Life in Subtitles" could have benefited from a tad bit of variation in the use of graphics, as the graphics used to subtitle David's thoughts were identical to those used to merely identify the main players. The actors clearly grasped the script's light tone, with only Martyka crossing the line into caricature.

If you can pull an audience in and entertain them in the short span of 9 minutes, you've accomplished something special and "My Life In Subtitles" made me laugh heartily in its short span (Fine film, indeed!).