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Iron Monsters and Sesame Heroes is the latest release from the fantastic folks at Sesame Street via Warner Home Video. Super Grover's cape is not ready at the laundromat, so he turns himself into Iron Monster "Super Hero of the Laundromat" - to heroically solve any problem coming his way. Iron Monster is joined in his adventures with three other stories that include friends Elmo, Abby and Rosita in "The Furry Four," "Super Grover's Sidekick" and "Slimey the Hero."

This collection is from Issue 1 of the Sesame Comics series and includes lessons about math, problem solving and social skills presented in the usual Sesame Street way. The DVD includes a couple of fun bonus features including "Bert & Ernie's Great Adventures" and "Mad Pancake" story.

You simply can't go wrong with the Sesame Street series. For more information, check out the Warner Home Video website.
What do birthdays, building, school and friends all have in common?

They're all Elmo's favorite things. In yet another wonderful Sesame Street release, join Elmo as he explores the world around him with over two hours of fun including a downloadable activity book, games, dinosaurs, pets, the beach and lessons about counting, vocabulary and friendship.

With over 135 minutes of kid-friendly entertainment and edu-tainment, Elmo's World - Favorite Things will be sure to please young children and the parents who care for them and about them.

For more information or to order Elmo's World, be sure to visit the Warner Brothers website or simply click on the Amazon banner to the right of this review!
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