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 2012 Heartland Film Festival: A-Z Reviews, Vol. 18 
The Magical Wishing Washing Machine (15 Mins., Narrative Short)
The Magical Wishing Washing Machine (15 Mins., Narrative Short)

Starring: Amory Iverson, Victor Medina and Clara Susan Morey II; Directed by: Noah Sunday: Written by: Brigham Sunday;

Another of the 2012 Heartland Film Festival's more whimsical shorts, The Magical Wishing Washing Machine is the delightful tale of Mr. Torres (Victor Medina), who has a laundromat crush on Rosie (Amory Iverson) but not the guts to own up to it... until a little magic gets involved and he suddenly finds the courage he's never had.

The Magical Wishing Washing Machine is certainly a whimsical and funny entry into this year's festival, that may not change the world but it sure will put a smile on your face.

Mr. Bellpond (20 Mins., Narrative Short)

Starring: Geoff Hansen, Demitria Cline; Directed by: A. Todd Smith; Written by: A. Todd Smith and Amy Nelson Smith;

In Mr. Bellpond, a playwright (Geoff Hansen) is consumed with melancholy after his wife (Demitria Cline) disappears. He locks himself away for 23.7 years until receiving a mysterious letter claiming to know her whereabouts. However, to receive this information he must create a new masterpiece within a three week time period.

This 20-minute narrative short directed by A. Todd Smith is a hit-and-miss affair. When it hits, it's absolutely wonderful but, in occasional moments it really, really misses. The film did play well with the documentary Caris' Peace, infusing the block with a heartfelt intensity that carried over Caris' Peace quite nicely.