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The Independent Critic

 Indiana Spotlight 

As an Indiana-based film journalist and longtime member of the Indiana Film Journalists Association, I maintain a special interest in encouraging Indiana filmmakers and in supporting films made in Indiana, directed by Indiana natives, and/or featuring Hoosier actors or other film professionals in key roles. The Indiana Spotlight features my effort to review every film made in Indiana and to maintain an extensive database of Indiana-based or Indiana natives working in film. 

Code Key:

IMF: Indiana-Made Film
ITF: Indiana-Themed or Indiana-Set Film
IBF: Indiana-based Filmmaker
INF: Indiana-Native Filmmaker
IBP: Indiana-based Performer
INP: Indiana-Native Performer
IO: Indiana Other (Producers, Key Roles, Other Indiana Connection)

Indiana Films A-D Indiana Films E-I Indiana Films J-M Indiana Films N-R Indiana Films S-V Indiana Films W-Z