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 2012 Heartland Film Festival: A-Z Reviews, Vol. 9 
Evolution (12 Mins., Narrative Short)

Starring: Elisabeth Muller, Georg Jungermann; Written and Directed by: Georg Jungermann;

This solid German entry into the 2012 Heartland Film Festival centers around a woman named Lena (Elisabeth Muller) who finds a message from her boyfriend (Georg Jungermann) that he will be arriving home late. He informs her that there's a present for her in the wardrobe, but asks her to please wait until his return to open it.

Can she do it?

Nominated for Best Foreign Project at the Central Florida Film Festival, Evolution has been enjoying a solid run on the film festival that began in September of last year at the Harlem International Film Festival and is a delightful mixture of romance and comedy that works largely on the strength of the chemistry between Muller and Jungermann.

Expectations (3 Mins., High School Film Competition)

Directed by: Carmel High School Team

Expectations is a well done entry in the High School Film Competition from a student team at Carmel High School. The film centers around a student struggling to make the choice between accepting a full ride soccer scholarship or chasing her dream of becoming a chef at culinary school.

Expectations is a rather straightforward entry in this year's competition, but the performances are convincing and the film itself makes its point clearly and concisely despite a a modest running time of a mere three minutes.

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