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Prthivi Zutshi, Ranjesh Singh
Inder Kochar
5 Mins.

 "3 Rounds" a Simple Story With a Universal Message 

First-time filmmaker Inder Kochar's five-minute short film 3 Rounds features a simple yet universal story that is not surprisingly proving to be quite successful on the film festival circuit courtesy of Kochar's engaging script and fine performances from co-stars Prithvi Zutshi and Ranjesh Singh. 

In the film, Alok is a young recruit from a small town who's having trouble adjusting to the new office environment and reaches out to his HR manager, Rajesh, whose ability to meet the young man where he's at with a little bit of a life lesson creates a changed perspective and a valuable life lesson for the young recruit. 

The film's two-person cast is natural and effective and it's easy to understand why 3 Rounds has been finding success in a variety of fest settings ranging from low-budget indie even into the children/family market. Filmed in Hindi with eye-pleasing English subtitles, 3 Rounds is a rarity - a simple, straightforward, and entertaining short that wants to teach a simple lesson and does so without a lot of unnecessary conflicts or special effects. 

For more information on 3 Rounds, visit the film's IMDB page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic