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Sally Kirkland, Coty Galloway, Blanca Blanco, John Savage, Mann Alfonso, Greg Baldwin, Keith Sutliff, Mehrdad Sarlak
David Xarach
14 Mins.

 "A Medicine for the Mind" Goes Places You Never Expect 
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Writer/director David Xarach's short film A Medicine for the Mind is a sublime showcase for the talents of Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland, the Halloween born feisty and fiercely liberal actress who at 77-years-old remains as kick ass as ever. Here, Kirkland is 65-year-old Sandra Carter, whose life has become a depressing fog of existence as Alzheimer's Disease seemingly has its way with her. 

Cared for by Matt (Coty Galloway), Sandra is seemingly resigned to this existence until Matt discovers a new drug on the market that offers a glimpse of hope to Sandra to those around her who care about her including Matt, Laura (Blanca Blanco), and Manuel (Mann Alfonso). 

As one might expect, nothing goes quite as expected for Sandra when the drug arrives and suddenly Sandra's new opportunity for a quality life comes with a few unexpected new abilities. 

Kirkland has already picked up a prize for her acting in A Medicine for the Mind, a Special Acting Achievement Award from the Silicon Beach Film Festival. If there's any justice in the world, it certainly won't be Kirkland's last recognition for the film. 

A Medicine for the Mind is a unique, inspired film with an original script by Xarach that goes places you don't quite ever expect and manages to ride a beautiful line between occasional poignancy and downright fun. It's a quietly weird little film, wonderful in its own ways and featuring performances across the board from its ensemble cast that you can't help but appreciate. You can't help but be delighted when acclaimed actor John Savage shows up late in the film as Dr. Brown and I personally couldn't help but smile with the involvement of Mehrdad Sarlak, co-producer on El Astronauta that recently played the Indy Shorts Film Festival in my hometown where it picked up the Audience Award for Narrative Short. 

A Medicine for the Mind is occasionally hindered by somewhat cheesy special effects, yet it's a film that's a blast to watch from beginning to end and it's the kind of film you can't help but want to talk about when you're finished watching. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic