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Belinda Mayne, Mark Bodin, Roberto Barrese, Michele Soavi, Judy Perrin
Ciro Ippolito
Rated R
92 Mins.
Midnight Legacy/MVD
Dutch VHS Trailer; Special Effects Outtakes (in HD)

 "Alien 2 on Earth" Review 
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The debut release from Midnight Legacy, an outfit hoping to do for niche' and cult flicks what those folks at Criterion have done for the cinematic classics, Alien 2 on Earth is a rather atrocious 80's Italian cult/horror flick and obvious Alien films rip off that is made infinitely better, and ultimately watchable, thanks to the loving care given by the team at Midnight Legacy. Almost unfathomably, Midnight Legacy is releasing both DVD and Blu-Ray versions of Alien 2 on Earth, and somehow they've managed to take a below average flick and spruce it up quite nicely.

Directed by Ciro Ippolito, the "story" involves a spaceship returning to Earth without, well, the actual astronauts. In their place, we get a bunch of blue rocks that get scattered about and, of course, one manages to get into the backpack of an underground explorer (Belinda Mayne) and these face-suckers eventually start going whup-ass and doing what we've firmly established aliens are prone to doing.

Had Alien 2 on Earth been given the usual bargain bin release, it would have been an easily dismissed 80's oddity that only the most hardcore cult collector would have bothered viewing. In the hands of the folks at Midnight Legacy, however, Alien 2 on Earth may very well qualify as having the best packaging on the worst film that I've seen in quite some time.

Fans of this type of genre film may very well consider this to be a "must see," given that the film was never before released in the United States and only a handful of countries saw a VHS (Remember those?) release. This Midnight Legacy release is an English language, uncut, 1.85 widescreen release transferred from the original 35mm negative.

Quite simply, while the film itself may be lacking the work from Midnight Legacy is quite amazing. The film, as well, is spine-numbered and will be issued in a single, limited release. So, collectors be advised, March 22nd is the date to watch to catch your first Midnight Legacy release. I can pretty much guarantee you it won't be the last if this is an example of their work.

Fans of cheesy sci-fi/horror will likely find much to enjoy here, as will fans of bowling and humor. Guido and Maurizio De Angelis contribute an infectious original score that indicates that may very well have had their tongues firmly planted in cheek while composing.

I have a friend, Michael, who always loves it when a filmmaker has the balls to throw in an ending like the one here in Alien 2 on Earth, which sort of implies a catastrophe or, at the very least, a catastrophe within the budget fines of an indie flick. Watch closely and you'll understand.

While I can't quite muster the guts to actually "recommend" Alien 2 on Earth, recommending it's really not the point. If this is you're kinda thing, then you're absolutely going to love what the folks at Midnight Legacy have done and not only should you pick up the film but you'd best keep Midnight Legacy on your radar (They can be found on Facebook and Twitter).

For more information on the March 22nd, 2011 release of Alien 2 on Earth, visit the Midnight Legacy website.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic