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Ann Anderson, April Billngsley, Chuck Clark, B.J. Golnick, Jeremy Oliver Miller
B.J. Golnick
B.J. Golnick (Story/Writer), Jeremy Oliver Miller (Story)
15 Mins.


 "Almost Home" Screening at Indy Film Fest 
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Winner of the Jury Award for Best Cinematography and 2nd Place for Short Film at the SENE Film, Music, and Art Festival, B .J. Golnick's 15-minute short film Almost Home is screening this week in the American Spectrum block at the Indy Film Festival running through this weekend at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

In Almost Home, an American marine returns home after years on the frontlines in Afghanistan to mend a broken relationship with his dying father. He carries with him the haunting memories of war and a promise he kept to a fallen brother in arms. He may never be able to make peace with what he has seen and done overseas, but if he can make amends with the last living member of his family, maybe a piece of what he once was will return to him.

The film is screening one more time at the festival, July 21st at 12:45pm in DeBoest Lecture Hall, and tells a meanngful story likely to resonate with those interested in films portraying honest, realistic depictions of issues impacting our current veterans. Almost Home is, indeed, beautifully photographed by Ryan Firth and Kyle Stryker with an original score by Evan Goldman that complements the film's heightened intimacy and drama.

For more information on Indy Film Fest, visit the festival's website.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic