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Edmary Fuentes, Gustavo Finol
Alejandro Hernandez
6 Mins.


 "Alt" a Top-Notch Mystery/Sci-Fi Indie Short 
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What if everything you love vanished without a trace?

Writer/director Alejandro Hernandez proves that it is possible to create an intellectually satisfying and emotionally resonant film in the mere span of six minutes with the Spanish language short, Alt, a mystery/sci-fi thriller centered around Sofia (Edmary Fuentes), a who is living the life she always wanted - a beautiful child, a successful husband, and a nice house. One day, however, she wakes up to a series of events she can't explain and suddenly everything that represents an emotional connection to her starts to dematerialize.

Filmed on a remarkably slim budget of 4,000 bolivares, or $350, Alt is unquestionably what happens when you assemble the right cast and crew to bring a story to life in a way that is both intelligent and inspired. While there are fleeting moments when Alt's low budget is evident, what's truly remarkable is just how often it's not evident and Hernandez transcends those budgetary limitations with clarity of vision, a clear and concise story, and an absolutely terrific cast led by Edmary Fuentes, whose performance as Sofia is emotionally riveting from the film's opening moments.

D.P. Luis Betancourt's lensing is remarkably pristine and perfectly sets the atmosphere, while Hernandez himself contributes the film's sparse yet meaningful original music. The film's editing and visual effects are also top notch throughout the film's running time, with the latter being particularly impressive given the film's budgetary limitations.

Hernandez, a Venezuelan director most widely known as a Youtube celebrity in his own country after writing, producing, and hosting The Alejandro Hernandez Show in 2009, is clearly a talented filmmaker and one can only hope that Alt opens the doors for more opportunities for the director.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic