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Eric Peck, Holly Lynn Ellis, Ciara Hughes
Nick Hartanto, Sam Roden
Eric Peck
15 Mins.


 "An Act of Revenge" Finds Success on Festival Circuit 
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Having premiered at the Ashland Independent Film Festival and screened just this past August at New York's NewFilmmakers Series, An Act of Revenge continues to explore film fest opportunities with its thought provoking story nicely brought to life by a trio of fine performances from Eric Peck, Ciara Hughes, and Holly Lynn Ellis. 

The film centers around a man (Peck) who gets into a bitter argument with his girlfriend (Ellis) and ends up tracking down a former girlfriend (Hughes) to seek revenge. 

Sound confusing?

It's not. In fact, it makes perfect sense as you're watching the film based upon a script from Peck himself. While there's a bit of a danger in trying to pack so much of a dramatic impact within the confines of a 15-minute short film, Peck's dialogue is natural and direct without a lot of extraneous verbiage. The result is that every minute of the film, tightly directed by Sam Roden and Nick Hartanto, feels necessary and every word spoken between these characters is compelling and involving. 

Peck creates an intriguing central character whose every word and action you follow even as you're not quite sure where he's going, while both Holly Lynn Ellis and Ciara Hughes make the most of their time onscreen. There's a solid chemistry between the trio, especially between Ellis and Peck during their extended opening scene together. 

Hartanto lenses the film utilizing shadows perfectly and lending the film an intimacy that intensifies the drama within the storyline and the conflicts going on. Roden edits the film in a way that allows the silence between characters to linger for maximum emotional impact. 

An Act of Revenge is a thought-provoking and emotionally satisfying dramatic short that tells its story well and leaves you thinking as the closing credits roll. 

© Written by Richard Propes 
The Independent Critic