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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Sean Jourdan
Susie Cornett, Tim Cunningham, Stacie Doublin, Heidi Klefstad
Running Time
19 Mins.


 "An Open Door" Review 
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At first glance, "An Open Door," written and directed by Sean J.S. Jourdan, appears to be a relatively straightforward relationship drama about a woman's desperate efforts to hold her marriage together.

Think again.

Unexpectedly, "An Open Door" turns into so much more. In the capable hands of Jourdan, "An Open Door" is a beautiful, heartbreaking short film that will burn its way into your psyche and have you reflecting upon its words and images long after your viewing has ended. Featuring a magnificently controlled performance by Suzanne Lang, "An Open Door" is simply an unforgettable film.  

Companioning Lang's tender, intimate performance is the guarded, detachment offered by Tim Cunningham as her husband. Their scenes together so beautifully reflect the often awkward dance between healing and letting go.

Production values for "An Open Door" are stellar, and both Jourdan's script and direction indicate a director whose voice we will be hearing from for years to come.