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The Independent Critic

Joe Haidar, James Baker
Jason Marsden, Bree Turner, Jon Polito, Bill Farmer
Running Time
15 Mins.


 "Animated American" Review 
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First, let's get this out of the way.

No, Jason Marsden is not James Marsden's baby brother. Oddly enough, the two actors are close friends and, even more oddly, their respective wives have known each other since childhood.

Now, back to the film.

"Animated American" is awesome.

An utter delight.


A blast.

"Animated American" is a film that will appeal to young and old with its dedication to traditional, 2D animation and a classic storyline. In the film, a hotshot film executive (Jason Marsden), Eric Moeberg, has declared the end of hand-drawn animation as it has been conquered by the newer, better and more cost-effective computer-generated graphics that we do, in fact, see these days from virtually all of the major studios.

Having put toons around the country out of work, Moeberg  marries another hottie, Trixie (Bree Turner), and goes mansion hunting. However, our Animated Americans aren't about to sit back and just resign themselves to forced retirement and before we can say "That's All, Folks" Moeberg and toons come face-to-face for the ultimate animated showdown.

Marsden, who has a long history in voiceover work, clearly understands how to make live-action blend seamlessly with the animated toons and his take on the hotshot exec is hilariously cartoonish in itself. Likewise, Bree Turner makes Trixie larger than life in the 50's siren sort of way that crosses between Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit.

Vibrantly capturing the best of 2D animation and balanced with entertaining characters and nearly flawless performances, "Animated American" is clearly the highlight of the animated shorts at the 2009 Indianapolis International Film Festival.