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Casey Myers, Kimberly O'Dell, Renee Petrik, Tasha Smith, Lahcen Anajjar, Tracy Graybill, C.J. Johnson
Jason Hunt
78 Mins.
Devinshire Jamestown Pictures

 "The Apology Dance" Review 
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Getting set for its release through IndieRights as a VOD offering through Youtube and also on ITunes, writer/director Jason Hunt's The Apology Dance is a 78-minute journey through the more difficult than expected first anniversary of the "made for each other" Adam (Casey Myers) and Eve (Kimberly O'Dell).

Adam and Eve are nearing their first anniversary. When the conversation turns to gift-giving, the two realize they have very different ideas on the subject. Taking his best friend's advice ends up being a really bad idea and, thus, Adam begins The Apology Dance in an effort to win back Eve and make it through their first anniversary with relationship intact.

The first full-length feature release from Devinshire Jamestown Pictures, a production company with the stated mission of producing family friendly entertainment, The Apology Dance is a promising low-budget debut from the outfit featuring a crisp, clever script by Jason Hunt and several strong performances that will make the film a great opportunity to support an indie filmmaker.

Myers and O'Dell display a comfortable, believable chemistry and while the film never really delves deep into exactly why they're still together and why good ole' Adam just doesn't give up, you can't help but root for the two to finally work things out with both Myers and O'Dell projecting a sort of "every couple" appeal that is both winning and humorous.

As Adam's best friend, Lahcen Anajjar may be the film's big cinematic find. Anajjar infuses the film with an inviting sincere and comic energy that lights up the screen and livens up the festivities.

The remainder of the supporting cast is stronger than one might expect from a regionally based, low-budget outfit. Renee Petrik, as Jenny, along with Micah Lacerte, Jackie Wagner and Tasha Smith are particularly strong in supporting appearances.

The Apology Dance was marred by what appeared to be either a tracking issue, a DVD transfer issue or an editing problem that caused walking scenes, in particular, to be moving at an unnatural pace. It should be noted that this issue will likely not exist in the film's digital release formats on DVD and ITunes. However, should The Apology Dance gain a wider DVD release it's certainly an issue to be addressed.

Hunt also is responsible for the film's inventive camera work, though occasionally the film's modest $20,000 budget is in evidence as special effects don't quite measure up to their desired impact. David Luxton's original music is a solid companion to the film's sincere romantic comedy and the remainder of the tech credits are solid.

While The Apology Dance is impacted by a few production issues not uncommon to low-budget productions, the film is a solid example of the quality efforts of indie and regional filmmakers and proof positive that not all the talent in cinema today is living in Hollywood. A promising first effort from the folks at Devinshire Jamestown productions, The Apology Dance will soon be available as a Video on Demand release through IndieRights on Youtube and on ITunes. For more information on The Apology Dance, check out the film's Facebook page.

Special Treat: Check out below the original short film upon which The Apology Dance is based!

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic