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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Dina Gachman
Riley Rose Critchlow, Heather Nichols, Hallie Gnatovitch, Troian Bellisario
Running Time
16 Mins.


 "Archer House" Review 
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With "Archer House," a 16-minute short film written and directed by Dina Gachman, a young outcast (Riley Rose Critchlow) with a privileged legacy braves the petit four-fueled skits and cult-like rituals of a Texas sorority.

Is it for journalism? for love? for family?

Nobody really knows until the very end thanks to a delightfully witty and intelligent script by Gachman and Critchlow's multi-layered performance that offers equal doses of sensitivity and humor.

"Archer House" feels a little bit like that delightful dark comedy, "Pumpkin," with just a smidgen of "Animal House" thrown in for good measure.

The result is a consistently entertaining film that makes you laugh, think and feel simultaneously.

"Archer House," which screened at the AFI Film Festival in Dallas and is rumored as being pitched to NBC as a potential series, benefits greatly from an ensemble cast that clearly gets Gachman's vision and the result is one of 2007's truly stellar short films.