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Jessica Lundholm, Owen Frost, Liam Harkins, Joseph Emms, Claire Johnson
Harvey Puttock
10 Mins.

 Movie Review: Are We Doing This? 
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How much fun can you have in one day? 

Apparently, quite a bit. 

Writer/director Harvey Puttock is back with a new short film and it's a gem. In Are We Doing This?, Mia (Jessica Lundholm) and Jeff (Owen Frost) are a new couple attending her boss's party in hopes that she might be able to snag a promotion out of it. Upon their arrival, it's painfully clear that they've misunderstood the party's dynamics and their new relationship will be put to the test as boundaries are tested both personally and professionally. 

Next time, maybe they should just read the invitation. 

This 10-minute short is a delight from beginning to end mostly owing to its tremendous leading duo. With equal parts bravado and hilarious vulnerability, Mia and Jeff are perhaps creating the type of date story they'll talk about for years to come if, I suppose, they can manage to make it through the night with their relationship intact. 

Lundholm is an absolute charmer here as Mia, hints of adventurousness dance all over the screen along with Lundholm's fierce and fun charisma. She wrings every single bit of humor out of this scenario yet also adds in a layer of emotional honesty that feels truthful. 

As Jeff, Owen Frost amps up the humor another notch and every single time I think he can't get funnier he still gets a little funnier. His chemistry with Lundholm is both believably absurd and delightfully real. This is a definite winning duo. 

Joseph Emms shines as Dominic while Claire Johnson is inspired as Victoria and Liam Harkins solidly rounds out the excellent ensemble cast. 

Shot in one day in London, Are We Doing This? is an entirely Indiegogo-funded short film for the award-winning and always creatively inspired Puttock.  Already an official selection of several indie film fests, Are We Doing This? should easily continue Puttock's award-winning ways. Lensing by Ufuk Gokkaya is creative and nicely captures the quiet physicality of awkward situation after awkward situation and as someone who has enjoyed every Puttock film to date I'd have to say this may very well be my favorite yet. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic