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Kevin Duffy, Lynn Lowry, Beth Metcalf, Magdalena Conway, Mia Katz, Jake Yanko
Steve Hermann, Ashley Hefner
Steve Hermann
75 Mins.

 Movie Review: Attack of the Corn Zombies 
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With a title like Attack of the Corn Zombies, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the fine folks at Chicago-based Acrostar Films and this latest low-budget indie that offers everything we've come to expect from the always dependable Acrostar. 

Attack of the Corn Zombies is set inside a small Midwest town in 1969. As a native Hoosier myself who remembers the day when Indiana's idea of advertising itself was "There's more than corn in Indiana!," I remember the look and feel of Attack of the Corn Zombies as brought to life quite beautifully by co-directors Steve Hermann and Ashley Hefner and this mighty fine ensemble cast that clearly gets exactly what Hermann and Hefner were going for with the film. In this town known for peacefully little podunk town, infected corn leads to an outbreak of the walking dead. With nowhere to run and isolated from the larger outside world, a group of friends and family must fight their way throguh the hords of the undead if they have any hope of survival. 

What can I say? Attack of the Corn Zombies is a gas. 

Officially considered a horror/sci-fi, Attack of the Corn Zombies is yet another indie winner from Acrostar Films with a combination of Acrostar regulars alongside longtime horror icon Lynn Lowry working to bring this delightful little gem to life. If you love low-budget horror, you'll love Attack of the Corn Zombies. This crowdfunded film accomplishes more with an estimated $10,000 budget than a good majority of the bigger budgeted films I've seen this year. It's weird. It's funny. It's anxiety-inducing. It's gory. It's seemingly the kind of storytelling indie author S.J. Hermann wanted to bring to life when he turned to filmmaking to help further bring his own books to life. A longtime anti-bullying advocate, Hermann seems to always infuse his films with just enough emotional investment that we either care about or appreciate the characters and either hold on to our seats or giggle with delight whatever their outcomes. 

Filmed in Chicago, Attack of the Corn Zombies features some delightful performances amidst its strong ensemble including Magdalena Conway as Penny, Mia Katz as Anna May, Beth Metcalf as Kelly, Joe Rosing as Roger and a host of others. Truthfully, it's pretty miraculous just how much everyone gets into the same rhythm here and turns this film into an awful lot of fan. Metcalf also contributes some inspired visual effects and the sound/music from Tony Parsons complements the film quite nicely. 

If you're looking for a polished, big budget horror flick this ain't it. Attack of the Corn Zombies is Saturday night hunkered down late at night in front of the television horror with a wicked sense of humor, a gaggle of gory delights, and enough artistic common sense to know exactly what it is and to have a lot of fun with it. Look for it in a cornfield near you. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic