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Robert Picardo, Matt Corrigan, Richard Gross
Adrian DeLude, Eric Nichols
Written by Adrian DeLude, Eric Nichols w/Screenplay by James Marlowe, Steven T. Zivanic
85 Mins.
FilmWorks Entertainment (DVD/VOD)
Movie Trailer; Deleted Scenes; Concept Art; Photo Gallery

 "The Awakened" Confirms That Aliens Exist 
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A sci-fi thriller starring Robert Picardo (Star Trek - First Contact), The Awakened is available on DVD and VOD with distributor FilmWorks Entertainment.

The film takes place on the outskirts of a small mountain town, where retired farmer Hank Taylor (Will Marchetti) decides to pull down an old, dead tree sitting on the edge of his property. Hank quickly discovers something strangers in the ground beneath the tree - something large, metallic and not of this earth. Dormant for over 200 years, the object's power returns and the long slumbering occupants are resurrected and begin creating havoc on the Taylor farm. Before long, as one might expect, the situation begins being monitored by a group of government agents. Suddenly, everyone is left asking the questions "Why have the aliens traveled to earth?" and "Are the government agents hiding something?"

Aren't all government agents hiding something?

The film is produced by the team of High Voltage Productions and the Marlowe-Pugnetti Company with special effects created by the award-winning Creature Effects Inc. (Cowboys & Alients, 300, I Am Legend).

The Awakened
was a bit of an indie hit that has already spawned a sequel, and the film's solid special effects and intriguing thriller/horror aspects should please most fans of the sci-fi/thriller/horror genre. The film exudes a classicism that may bring to mind older sci-fi/horror films that focused far more on thrills than hardcore horror, though there are also moments in the film that remind you that it's a film made in the new millennium.

Imre Juhasz's camera work is solid throughout, while it's easy to tell that co-directors Adrian DeLude and Eric Nichols put quite a bit of emphasis on the film's special effects. The film's tech quality is far better than what you often find in these lower budgeted indie sci-fi/horror flicks. Shot in California, The Awakened takes solid advantage of its small town locales.

Robert Picardo's performance is one of the film's standouts, however, Will Marchetti may leave the strongest impact as he sets the tone early on.

For more information on The Awakened, visit the FilmWorks Entertainment website.

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