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Joseph Cotten, Elke Sommer, Massimo Girotti, Rada Rassimov, Antonio Cantapora
Mario Bava
Vincent Fotre
Rated PG
100 Mins.
Cheezy Flicks (DVD)


 "The Torture Chamber of Baron Blood" Now on Cheezy Flicks! 
 The good news is that because Baron Blood is a Cheezy Flicks release on home video, I'm already acutely aware that nobody cares if I actually trash the film. It's kind of like reviewing Razzie films - You're expected to trash them. I think the company's goal is that I trash them with enough style, panache and sarcasm that it will make those who appreciate bad B-movies visit the Cheezy Flicks site and pick the sucker up. 

So, there you have it. 

The Torture Chamber of Baron Blood  is a bad film. I know it. You'll know it if you don't already. Cheezy Flicks knows it. That's half the film. It's one of those 70's exploitation flicks that seemed really intense back then, but now qualifies as a PG-rated film. The film stars Joseph Cotten and Elke Sommer, Cotten whom has seldom been worse than he is here and Sommer as hot as she's ever been. 

Cotten plays the title character, whose moniker is Baron Blood and whose real name completely escapes me right now. What I do remember is that he is brought back into existence by his rather dim-witted American cousin who just happens to be visiting Austria and decides to visit the castle of his ancestor. With the mighty Baron now freed, he immediately returns to his sadistic ways and before long our lovely Elke Sommer finds herself shackled in the basement (Where else?) amidst of a wealth of instruments of torture that seemed sadistic until Eli Roth made such devices fashionable. 

The film has been picked up by Cheezy Flicks and given new life and a brand new DVD cover for a home video release. Cheezy Flicks tends to be a rather fun yet barebones outfit so you're not going to find a bunch of extras here - simply a good old-fashioned B-movie that's so bad it's not even good. 

For more information on the film, visit the Cheezy Flicks website. 

© Written by Richard Propes 
The Independent Critic