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The Independent Critic

Sean J.S. Jourdan
Michelle Mueller, Sophie Joseph, Michael Joseph Thomas Ward, Oksana Fedunszyn, Joseph Bicicchi
Running Time
27 Mins.
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"The Beekeeper" is part of a bigger picture. That is, "The Beekeeper" is a 27-minute first installment in what writer/director Sean J.S. Jourdan ("An Open Door") intends to be a full-length feature project.
Right now, "The Beekeeper" is serving as Jourdan's MFA Thesis film as he finishes up his degree in Film and Video. Already an award-winning writer/director and a Top 5 Finalist in the MTVu Best Filmmaker on Campus competition, "The Beekeeper" offers further proof that Jourdan is a filmmaker to watch in the future.
"The Beekeeper" is the story of Robin (Michelle Mueller, "The Break Up"), a young woman who is having an affair with her boyfriend's father, Phil (Michael Joseph Thomas Ward, "Blue Car") when she winds up pregnant. When Phil rejects her, Robin turns back to her boyfriend, William (Joseph Bicicchi, "The Express") setting in motion the actions of Phil's wife (Oksana Fedunszyn, "The Fugitive), who discovers the truth.
Jourdan calls "The Beekeeper" a film about "good people who do bad things for what they think are good reasons."
I just call it an intelligent, sensitive and beautifully constructed short film from a promising young filmmaker.
Tech credits for "The Beekeeper" are strong, most notably D.P. Kuba Zelazek's camera work and the musical score of Willis P. Jenkins.
"The Beekeeper" will be shown as a work-in-progress at the Cannes Film Festival.