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David S. Jung, Elaine Kao, Charles Kim, Andrea Lwin, Jeff Marchelletta, Jonathan Ohye, Rita Rani Ahuja (Voice)
Andrea Lwin

 "Biased" an Entertaining Comedy Short 
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I first encountered Biased writer/director Andrea Lwin when she appeared in one of my all-time favorite short films, Kurt Kuenne's Validation, a film that to this day I'll take the opportunity to check out from time-to-time. While Lwin's involvement in Validation was as an actress, that alone made me excited to check out this directorial effort. 

In Lwin's Biased, the sudden death of a tenant leads an inept L.A. property manager to double-book two couples to view the newly available apartment while his cleaning lady works frantically to wipe away evidence of the dead body and the property's owner pressures him to find a tenant as soon as possible. 

Having had its world premiere at the Studio City Film Festival in Fall 2021, Biased continues its successful indie fest run and has picked up a handful of prizes along its journey at such fests and competitions as Indie Short Fest (Best Comedy Short, Best First Time Director, and Best Acting Ensemble), Independent Shorts Awards (Honorable Mention - Best Acting Ensemble and Silver Award - Best Comedy Short), and Best Shorts Competition (Award of Merit - Special Mention for Jung and Lwin). 

Indeed, this is a mighty fine ensemble with some fine comedy chops. Jung, in particular, has some serious comedic gifts and plays inept without going completely over-the-top. The rest of the ensemble excels as well including Rita Rani Ahuja for her vocal work as the property owner intent on getting the rent paid even though the rent is, well, paid. 

Lensing by Sandra Valde-Hansen is energetic and fun throughout the nine-minute short and Daniel Larsh's editing work gives the film a nicely paced flow that maximizes the film's comic potential. 

Biased has also screened at North Hollywood Mini Cinefest and has an appearance at Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival coming up this very weekend. Check it out if you get the chance. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic