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The Independent Critic

Glenn  Fuhrman, Justin Wadlington
Ashwin Chaudhary
84 Mins.
Buffalo 8 Productions

 Movie Review: Blind Eye Artist 
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Justin Wadlington is known as The Blind Eye Artist, a moniker he earned the hard way when a tragic accident at the age of 5 left him blind in one eye. Growing up without parents in Philly's inner city, Justin spent most of his childhood fighting for survival in a variety of emergency shelters and group homes. As an adult, however, he re-discovered his childhood passion for art one day while in the break room of his day job. It was at this point that he began putting together the pieces for his new identity as the Blind Eye Artist. He started out simple - asking friends to let him draw and paint them for practice. 

A decade letter? He was selling his pieces to world famous art collectors and celebs. 

Directed by Ashwin Chaudhary, Blind Eye Artist invites us into Wadlington's world. that has changed dramatically since his childhood. In March of 2020, Wadlington was on the verge of unveiling his latest acrylic, a large-scale self-portrait. 

If you know that month and you know that year, then you also know everything changed seemingly overnight. However, for Wadlington this kind of adversity was nothing new. Adjusting his plans and making the best of it all, he began creating a painting that has since become his signature work - Black American Dream. 

I'm not into inspiration porn, but Blind Eye Artist will inspire, inform, and hopefully motivate. Justin's artwork has reached the upper tiers of the art world. He counts numerous influential types and celebs among his fans and clients yet, perhaps most surprisingly, it's also possible to obtain some of his art surprisingly affordably. As an established artist, he now seeks to inspire kids from all backgrounds to accomplish whatever they want. 

Blind Eye Artist is a beautifully constructed film expertly shot and captivating throughout its breezy 84-minute running time. Now streaming on Amazon, Blind Eye Artist had its world premiere at the American Black Film Festival and is one of those rare docs that really earns its sense of inspiration. Wadlington possesses a quiet charisma, an endearing quality that makes you want to listen to him forever and immediately go out and buy one of his paintings. 

I mean, seriously. I've already been on his website. I'm looking.

This under-the-radar indie doc beautifully captures the life of an artist even more people need to know with a valuable story to tell and art that makes the world a better place. Take the time to check out Blind Eye Artist.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic