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Holly Bonney, Tiffany Christy, Vincent Stalba, Stella Creel
Joe Badon
Joe Badon, Jason Kruppa
12 Mins.

 "The Blood of the Dinosaurs" a "WTF?" Short 
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If you've been attending Indy Film Fest this week, then you may have stumbled across Joe Badon's short film The Blood of the Dinosaurs, a surreal Adult Swim-style 12-minute short film that has most likely left you staring at the screen mumblng "WTF?"


The Blood of the Dinosaurs is a weird beast of a film, a mostly comedy short featuring the marvelous Uncle Bobbo (Vincent Stalba) teaching all the children where oil comes aided by his young helper, Purity (Stella Creel). Watching Uncle Bobbo, you can't help but think about what it would have been like if Mister Rogers had a spoon up his nose or what might happen in Rob Zombie ever decides to produce a children's show. The prologue for an upcoming Badon short, The Blood of the Dinosaurs is dementedly entertaining in its own right. 

The Blood of the Dinosaurs is absurdist with hints of realism (as absurdism should be). In the short span of about 12 minutes, we get a weirdly wonderful and complex journey not far removed from the making of fossil fuels themselves and somehow the film actually makes sense. 

Or maybe I have a spoon up my nose. 

Stalba's an absolute delight as Uncle Bobbo, somewhere between that creepy teacher who used to masturbate under his desk and the guy who's been off his meds just a wee bit too long to function remotely normally. Yet, what makes Stalba really wonderful is that he can also sell those fleeting moments of sincerity. 

Young Stella Creel is inspired as Purity, whose presence looks like she's been running down the hallways of the Overlook Hotel and whose innocence feels, well, a little suspect at best. 

The rest of the ensemble cast is strong here and lensing by Daniel Waghorne is creative and matches the dialogue from Badon and Jason Kruppa to perfection. Kudos must also go to Emma Badon for special make-up effects that create characters who simultaneously make you laugh as long as you're not walking down a dark alley beside them. 

The Blood of the Dinosaurs has already picked up prizes at Atlanta's Buried Alive Film Festival (WTF! Award) and Sin City Horror Fest (Best Short Film). While it's most certainly not a film for everyone, for those who embrace absurdism, surrealism, and WTFism this is a short film to not be missed.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic