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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Alex Jablonski
Adapted by
Alex Jablonski (based on short story by Kevin Canty)
Jordan Thompson, Simone Kessell
Running Time
16 Mins.

 "Blue Boy" Review 
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17-year-old Kenny (Jordan Thompson) is from the wrong side of the tracks. His mother having passed away recently, Jordan lives in a rundown track home with his father while riding his bike every morning to his lifeguarding job on the wealthier side of town. He spends most days getting stoned and fantasizing about the out of reach world that surrounds him and the girls that won't even establish eye contact. When an act of heroism brings him face-to-face with one object of his fantasies, Mrs. Jordan, the encounter that follows brings to mind both the awkwardness of young adulthood and the bigger picture of the struggle to find connection in a world that so often finds reasons to stay disconnected.

Based upon a short story by Kevin Canty, "Blue Boy" features two emotionally honest and vulnerable performances from Jordan Thompson and Simone Kessell in the leading roles. Rob Hauer's photography is a perfect blend of light and dark, while Devin McNulty's original score keeps perfect rhythm with the emotional peaks and valleys of this human interaction.

Jablonski, an MFA student in Film Directing at UCLA, clearly trusts his material and his cast as evidenced by his willingness to let moments linger as we follow the words, the looks and the body language speaking volumes by both characters.

Having premiered at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, "Blue Boy" has been screening at film festivals coast-to-coast including the HollyShorts Film Festival.