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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Sam Sero
Teddy Tutson, Max Kleinman, Becky T. Bordo, Lily Gatica
Running Time
9 Mins.

 "Boner Buddies" Review 
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I stumbled across Boner Buddies while perusing the Indy Film News, a website dedicated to Hoosier filmmakers. Written and directed by Sam Sero, Boner Buddies is a lowbrow comedy about, well, you can probably guess.

Anderson (Teddy Tutson) and Ralph (Max Kleinman) are two hipsters who become best buddies when they discover that they both get boners over the same things.

Admit it. You chuckled. Okay, you at least smiled. The same will happen while watching this breezy, funny and well constructed 9-minute short led by two spot-on tongue-in-cheek performances from Tutson and Kleinman. P.J. Gaynard's camera work is vibrant and the film's production design maintains an infectious spirit. Even the film's original tunes, courtesy of a band calling themselves The Poopdog Experience, enhance the film's relaxed hipster cred.  Hasani Franke edits both the film's sound and visuals with a near perfect sense of timing, allowing some shots to linger hilariously while cutting others at exactly the right time.

By no means a groundbreaking film, Boner Buddies is simply nine minutes of lowbrow, spirited and entertaining comedy wrapped around the ultimate experience in male bonding.