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Neil Bishop, Martin Bishop, Zoe Cunningham
Marianna Dean
David Trotti
86 Mins.

 "Breaking Infinity" an Effective Time Travel Sci-Fi 
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After years of being a film journalist, I've learned to cast a wary eye whenever certain genres cross my desk not because I don't enjoy them but because they're simply very, very challenging to pull off successfully within the framework of an indie or micro-budgeted film. 

Of course, it's also true that on occasion I get pleasantly surprised and the film ends up being a bit of a hidden gem. 

Such is the case with the directorial debut of Marianna Dean, Breaking Infinity, a surprisingly satisfying time travel sci-fi flick with a strong ensemble and special effects strong enough to put a smile on the face. 

In the film, Liam (Neil Bishop) is a scientific researcher who has been unstuck in time. As his jumps through time become more extreme, he is guided to the future by a mysterious old man (Martin Bishop) where he witnesses the end of the world that he may very well have caused. 

Breaking Infinity soars on the strength of David Trotti's intelligent and fast-paced script that doesn't really seem like it could realistically be brought to life within the confines of a modest production budget less than seven figures. 

Somehow, this team does it. 

In addition to Neil Bishop's strong leading performance, Zoe Cunningham shines as Emma, an intriguing doctor who is initially convinced that Liam is merely suffering from delusions. Zed Josef is also strong as Liam's lab assistant, Garret. Overall, this is a mighty fine ensemble cast in a film that occasionally carries a bit of a retro vibe and is constantly engaging to the highest degree. 

Vince Knight's lensing is imaginative throughout and Christoph Allerstorfer's original score for the film leans into the film's universal themes with a human touch. Kudos, of course, must go to the film's entire special effects and visual effects teams for creating surprisingly strong effects that may not be Industrial Light & Magic but they're remarkably strong and never distract from the film's storytelling. 

Breaking Infinity is, indeed, that rare indie sci-fi thriller that genuinely thrills and entertains throughout and will be a blast to watch on VOD. A veteran of previous short films, this debut feature flick would seem to promise a remarkable filmmaking future for Marianna Dean.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic