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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Christopher L. Golon
Rachel Frank, Matthew Corbett Davis, Rebekah Voss, Maura Murphy, Scott Pretty, Patrick Kaiser
Running Time
35 Mins.

 "Cahuenga Pass" Review 
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An experimental short written and directed by Christopher L. Golon, Cahuenga Pass centers on Stacy (Rachel Frank), a young woman who works in the adult entertainment industry with an abusive boyfriend (Matthew Corbett Davis).

Filmed in Los Angeles off and on over the course of 10 days on a micro-budget, Cahuenga Pass blends intriguing characters with deceptively appealing imagery and a solid soundtrack of up-and-coming artists into a 35-minute journey that feels on the edge of disturbing for much of its run time.

Cahuenga Pass is an interesting film, a visually arresting experimental journey with strong camera work by C.L. Hoffa and a definite sense of style that combine to make the film more appealing as a sensory experience than in its narrative detail. While both Rachel Frank and Matthew Corbett Davis have a nice screen presence, they never quite convince as a couple and, thus, the tension of the abusive relationship never quite builds to where the film needs it to build to have a true impact.

Golon, who directed the full-length feature
Knock em' Dead Kid, is an ambitious director who creates visually appealing, multi-layered indie flicks on a production budget likely less than that of James Cameron's toilet paper budget for Avatar. While Golon's ambition and vision are obvious in Cahuenga Pass, the challenge of filming and editing such a multi-layered and complex story are obvious and, at times, one almost wishes Golon had focused less on strict narrative and more on his way of visual storytelling.