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The Independent Critic

Bryan Cohen
Running Time
15 Mins.

 "Capes" Review 
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Skyscracia is a floating city miles above the Earth, a land where its inhabitants have the ability to fly thanks to enchanted capes. With great fanfare Atreus is receiving his enchanted cape and immediately sets off to fly majestically, however, a stroke of bad luck occurs and Atreus is struck by a bolt of lightning. Atreus plummets to Earth, a land that has become an angry and violent place and it appears that Atreus is destined to live out his remaining days in this vile and evil land.

While "Capes" is visually appealing, it is a confusing short film in which the storyline just described is neither obvious nor easily deciphered largely owing to the film's rather simplistic animation and a lack of dedication to story development that makes one wonder if "Capes" is attempting the same approach to absurdity as "The Realm of Possibility."

Oh, it's not.

That's the problem. While the vision appears to be ambitious, the final result falls short of the filmmaker's lofty goals.