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Stephen P. Neary
Voiceovers by Stewart J. Shaw, Harold Teitelman
Running Time
6 Mins.

 "Chicken Cowboy" Review 

Stephen P. Neary's "Chicken Cowboy" has a decidedly retro look to it, particularly appropriate given the film is an animated Western in which Shelley the Chicken Cowboy is challenged to a good ole' fashioned duel by the town baddies...will Shelley stand up for himself or will he chicken out?

Get it?

You WILL get it in this nicely realized 6-minute animated short that brings to mind the best of the old Saturday morning Looney Tunes with their delightful characters and humorous dialogue. Neary tosses in a simple lesson about being true to oneself, and the final result is a simple, entertaining and unforgettable animated short that has left me chuckling over 24 hours after its screening during the 2009 Indianapolis International Film Festival

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