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Brian Crewe, Marion Kerr
Brian Crewe
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Marion Kerr

 "Choice" Review 
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As I watched Marion Kerr bring to life Mabel, a character she'd portrayed previously in Brian Crewe's short film "Learning to Fly," I wept.

I never expected Proposition 8, the California legislation that banned gay and lesbian marriage, to pass. From my home in Indiana, I looked at California with great admiration for being a state that boldly recognized that love is not wrong. As I watched Barack Obama sweep to victory in the presidential elections, even winning Indiana by a narrow margin, I thought that we were finally turning away from a lengthy season of fear, hatred and warmongering.

Then, Proposition 8 passed.

I shuddered.

As Mabel, Marion Kerr captures beautifully and painfully the feelings and thoughts of a young woman whose very being has been devastated by the passage of Proposition 8. With zero special effects and no distractions, Mabel speaks to us intimately and honestly trying to understand why we, the American people, are so afraid of her.

Why are we so afraid?

"Choice" is my favorite kind of film, because it is a film that demands an emotional and physical response. You may not agree with Mabel, but you will be moved by her heart and her mind. You may not rush out to protest Proposition 8, but you will be deeply touched by how it has impacted her daily life.

In the span of just over five minutes, Marion Kerr demands that you stop trusting the stereotypes and preconceived ideas in your head and go deeper within to examine your thoughts, ideas and fears.

The choice is yours.

Or is it?