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Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, George W. Bush & Others
Jennifer Achbar & Mark Abbott
Rated PG
145 Mins.
Zeitgeist Films
 "The Corporation" Review 
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Rather ironically, I had been cruising the internet when I stumbled across the website for this film. It is a functional, but not fancy website...yet, I instantly became intrigued by the film. "The Corporation" looks at the life of "corporations" from the beginning of corporate dominance time until the is a powerful, courageous and honest film that deserves to be seen. Within a week of viewing the website, this film opened here in Indianapolis. It played on one theatre, in our arthouse theatre...for only one week. That is sad, because it means advertising did not work for this film and word of mouth wasn't strong enough.

This film, much like a Michael Moore film, has a very specific aim. To show the inevitable corporate corruption that exists in society...To show the flawed system that creates desires for things that we don't need...that creates products that are killing our environment...that creates products that hurt us rather than help us. It does so with beautiful illustrations, including a rather insightful look at the DSM-IV (Psychiatric) diagnoses of today's corporate leaders.

Jennifer Achbar and Mark Abbott direct this film, and have incorporated (pun intended) damning evidence against corporate America. This film should make you angry and a little more willing to resist corporate urges. The film features appearances by Michael Moore (no surprise), Noam Chomsky and many others that dramatically validate its points.

The film loses points in a couple ways...the film is a bit too dry and it began to lose my attention towards the end. It is about 30-45 minutes too long.

I consider this a must-see for fans of documentary films...I consider this film a must-see for those who are capable of a little social insight, fans of Michael Moore and those with concerns about corporate influence on our society. This film will make you think, and it may even make you angry. If it comes to your neighborhood, go see it...

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic