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Julia Reilly, Brett Varvel, Tim Perez-Ross, Keller Fornes, Riley Hough, Percy Bell
Brian Baugh

 "County Rescue" Lands on Great American PureFlix 
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As a film journalist in my 50s, I still remember my childhood days sitting around the family television watching popular series like Adam-12 and Emergency! I thought about the latter series quite often while catching a sneak peek at the upcoming Great American Pure Flix series County Rescue, an ever so slightly edgy but family friendly series starring Julia Reilly (Stranger Things) as Dani, a young woman who enters the training program to join the county rescue team because she believes that God has called her to become a first responder. 

Charismatic and very enthusiastic, Dani quickly learns that snagging the single permanent spot on the team isn't going to be easy whether dealing with the challenges of daily life as a first responder or the politics and relationships behind it all. Over the course of the series' five episodes, we get to know Dani along with Andy (Brett Varvel, a graduate of my home state's Ball State University and already an Emmy Award-winner), Scotty (Tim Perez-Ross), Griffin (Keller Fornes), Tim (Riley Hough), Duke (Percy Bell), and others. 

County Rescue is the first original series from Great American Family and it sure brings back all the nostalgic feels from those 70's shows that captured our hearts and entertained us. Don't get me wrong. County Rescue is for sure set in our contemporary times, but it's got a genuine heart, a little bit of grit, and a definite retro vibe that kept me watching from episode to episode. 

While Reilly is no doubt front-and-center here, County Rescue features a fine ensemble with a winning chemistry and ability to tap into the heart of this faith-filled yet honest material. Dani is forced to face the harsh realities of medical emergencies while working alongside a crew of similarly minded men and women who fight to save lives while being incredibly human along the way. 

If you've been a fan of Great American Family and Great American Pure Flix for any length of time, you already know that County Rescue is going to be filled with faith-filled storytelling, rich and warm characters, and the lessons we all learn along life's peaks and valleys. 

County Rescue debuts on Great American Pure Flix on February 23rd and arrives on Great American Family three days later on February 26th. Be sure to watch County Rescue for yourself. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic