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Jett Bryant, Madeline Brumby, Paul McComiskey
James Bickert
NR (Equiv. to strong "R")
81 Mins.
Monster Pictures
16:9 transfer from Super 16mm Negative; Trailer; Behind the Scenes; Zombie Promo; Torture Porn Promo; Director/Composer Commentary; Actor Commentary; Art & Still Slideshow; Vlog the Magnificent; 6 Easter Eggs

 "Dear God No!" Review 
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Having just arrived on home video on June 5th, Dear God No! is cinematic nirvana for low-budget horror fans who prefer their movies filled with murder, mayhem and completely devoid of anything resembling politically correct.

Dear God No! is a biker flick, beastie flick, sex flick and torture porn flick all rolled into one seriously bad ass horror film with bikers, bullets, boobs, blood beer and Bigfoot.

That's right. Bigfoot.

The Impalers are a vicious gang of murdering and raping bikers who invade a home after a bloody strip club shoot out. The bloodthirsty bikers proceed to rape, humiliate and murder their captives, however, there's something in the basement and in the woods that will change everything.

Do I really need to say it again?

You get everything here and I mean EVERYTHING you could possibly want from a B-movie, though calling it a B-movie doesn't really do the film justice. If you thought Harvey Keitel's Bad Lieutenant was brutal in the way it treated a nun, then you simply ain't seen nothing yet. Dear God No! is unapologetically brutal and it really never lets up. Some films soften up or take the tongue-in-cheek approach, and while there's humor to be found here it's not done in an effort to lessen the impact of this all-out assault on one's senses.

As proof of the growing horror fest scene, Dear God No! was pretty much wildly successful on the festival circuit with wins at the Arizona Underground Film Festival, PollyGrind Film Festival, CorpseDance and Zinema Zombie Fest. The film also was an official selection at Eerie Horror Fest and South Alabama Film Festival.

Dear God No! is the kind of film you'd hit your local drive-in to watch in the 1970's, though it's also the kind of film those who appreciated those films wish still existed.

It does. It really does.

While there's practically no way I could justify giving the film a rave, there's quite literally no question that those who remember fondly the exploitation horror of the 70's will find much to appreciate here. Dear God No! is more graphic, more brutal and more relentless than most of the 70's flicks, but the blending together of the 70's style with the new millennium cinematic sensibility adds up to one seriously f***ed up movie that you can now own for yourself.

Please note that while the film is unrated it's a pretty brutal equivalent to an "R" with ample amounts of extreme violence, gore, nudity, rape and profanity.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic