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Anna Carvalho, Andres Antonio Perez, Sue Shaheen
Anna Carvalho
15 Mins.

 "Death is the Place on Earth" Continues on Film Fest Circuit 
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Some inner demons live forever...

Writer/director Anna Carvalho's 15-minute short film Death is the Place on Earth is a metaphorical short film exploring the inner demons of human beings, weaving itself through basic discussions such as "Who are we?" and "Why is humanity, despite all its failings and shortcomings, worth believing in? 

The film captured a special jury prize at the Independent Talents International Film Festival and continues its festival run with upcoming screenings to include an October appearance at the Lisbon Rendesvous Film Festival and a November screening at 3 in 1 Film Festival, a fest also in Portugal. 

Death is the Place on Earth features a diverse cast and crew from Portugal, Colombia, Bolivia, Egypt and US and a distinct production design, courtesy of Natalia Arevalo, that looks and feels otherworldly and immerses you in Carvalho's mystical, thoughtful dialogue. In the film, Ivy (Carvalho) was cursed by the gods to live among us as an immortal. Having experienced everything, she has become jaded with humanity yet remains trapped as a human and everyday is confronted with her demons. Ivy is tired of life and goes to the desert to find peace.

Can peace be found?

It's heavy subject matter for a 15-minute short, but Carvalho brings it all together quite nicely supported by solid turns from both Andres Antonio Perez and Sue Shaheen. 

Luis Soldado's original music serves as a nice companion for the film, while Matthew Oquendo's lensing accomplishes pretty amazing things within the confines of a low-budget indie short. 

For more information on Death is the Place on Earth, be sure to visit the film's Facebook page linked to in the credits. If it arrives at a fest near you, definitely check it out. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic