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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Gerard Lough
Michael Parle
Running Time
11 Mins.

 "Deviant" Review 
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Another thrilling short from Irish writer/director Gerard Lough, Deviant is built upon the suburban nightmare - a late night home invasion involving a quirky yet creepy prowler (Michael Parle) with some unusual habits and one simple mistake that will lead to his downfall.

One of Lough's earlier flicks, Deviant perfectly works within the constraints of low-budget filmmaking by focusing on the inherent suspensefulness of the scenario, complemented quite nicely by the cinematography of D.P. Greg Rouladh and Cian Furlong's equally creepy, well-paced original score.

Parle, who also appears in Lough's latest short The Boogeyman, isn't so much called upon to "act" creepy as he is to be a stealth, creepy presence within a darkened, blue-tinged production design that heightens the film's suspense.

One of the things that is most admirable about Lough's direction is his patience with the material, not forcing unnecessary dramatics and allowing the story to unfold at a more natural pace. Those who have experienced a home invasion are likely to note that the same feelings that arise when you think about someone having invaded your space will be the sensations you experience watching Deviant.