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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Dan Cadan
Pip Carter, Lena Headey, Stephen Graham, Jamie Foreman
Running Time
15 Mins.

 "The Devil's Wedding" Review 
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A 15-minute tale told completely in rhyme, Dan Cadan's The Devil's Wedding has Lucifer in a bind and having to reach a deal with a force even more devious than he.

Exuding the charm of, oh say, a Patrick Bateman, Pip Carter presents a bit of hipster devil with a swinging speech pattern and a horn full of evil intentions. When Carter combines forces with Lena Headey, as his beloved bride, it's abundantly clear that there's going to be plenty of hell to pay for everyone involved.

While the rhyme device itself occasionally loses its sparkle, The Devil's Wedding is a dark, entertaining and occasionally disturbing demonic ditty that is superbly written and features strong performances from co-leads Carter and Headey.  Winner of Best International Short Film at the 2010 Cleveland International Film Festival, the U.K. made The Devil's Wedding is currently playing as an official selection of the HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Kudos to Michael Wood for his imaginative, lively lensing that seemingly bounces alongside the ensemble cast's energetic performances and Cadan's inventive phrasings.

Those with a penchant for the darker side of short film would do well to watch for The Devil's Wedding at a nearby film festival.