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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Kevin K. Shah
Written by
Arjun Chandra
Surya Chandra, Arjun Chandra
Running Time
10 Mins.

 "Dust Request" Review 
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Political journalist Arjun Chandra left one last recording for his wife Surya, a recording to be played two years after his death. In this last will and testament, Arjun asks Surya to return to the island of their memories alone...where he states he will return to her if she can fulfill his last wish.

Haunted by Arjun's promise to appear in a vision, Arjun ventures into nature alone. Dust Request - A Last Will and Testament is a beautifully rendered, spiritually centered companioning of Surya's journey towards peace, eternal companionship and love that cannot be separated by circumstance or time.

Filmed in such a way as it appears to be birthed out of both meditative intentionality and following of Spirit, Dust Request is a beautifully rendered manifestation of a spiritual journey that simultaneously feels otherworldly and yet strangely, wondrously intimate. Filmed amidst the vastness of New Zealand utilizing a surreal yet very real trio of imagery, sound and body, Dust Request transcends cinema by creating, in a mere 10 minutes, an experience that intertwines life's human and spiritual experiences.

Surya Chandra is sublime, a presence of vulnerability and peace amidst the wonder and emotion of it all. So, too, the music of acclaimed Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai perfectly companions the journey and adds another cultural layer to a universal journey.

Technically, Dust Request is a marvel to view in the way director Kevin K. Shah weaves holiness through humanity. Such an endeavor requires precise editing, a task carried out with particular success by N. Itrik in the film's mesmerizing final moments.

For those fortunate enough to be in the Los Angeles area in April, Dust Request will be screening as part of the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood on April 22nd at 7pm and April 25th at 1pm.