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Rob Kerkovich, Caroline Macey, Rick Blakely
Travis Greene, John Salcido
Gabe Crate, Daryl Perle, and John Salcido

 "Eighty-Sixed" Radiates Charm & Humor in 7 Minutes 
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Made as part of the Los Angeles 48-Hour Film Project, Eighty-Sixed is a perfectly delightful and humorous short film with just the right amounts of heart and quirk. It's no wonder that the film ended up being quite popular in the Film Project, picking up an Audience Award in its block while coming in third out of 105 films overall along with a runner-up prize for Best Supporting Actor and a nomination for Best Writing. The film also had a recent successful screening at the LA Comedy Film Festival on May 12th and should enjoy quite the successful film festival run.

The film stars Rob Kerkovich, a former writer on the television series "Happy Endings," as assistant volleyball coach Dave Stott, who finds himself lying in bed with the beautiful yet bewildered blonde Caroline (Caroline Macey). Seemingly alarmed at waking up with this strange guy, she tries to somewhat politely head for the door while Dave tries to concoct a plan to circumvent her escape plans.

With an 80's vibe that perfectly companions everything from its production design to its costuming and its original music, Eighty-Sixed is one of those really good ideas brought quickly to life that leaves you wanting to spend even more time with these characters. Even with the relative brevity of a seven-minute short film, Eighty-Sixed sells its story thanks to the spot-on performances of both Kerkovich and Macey.

The film is co-directed by Travis Greene, a familiar face here at The Independent Critic, and 2010 72-Hour National Film Project Winner John Salcido. The two manage to incorporate Oingo Boingo, a Keytar, space exploration and a bowl of popcorn into a story that not only makes sense but is quite entertaining.

Be sure to follow the film on Twitter to keep up with its festival run and, for sure, if the film ends up at a festival near you be sure to check it out.

© Written by Richard Propes 
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