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Thomas Kennedy, Frank Kelly
Frank Kelly
Eric O'Brien, Shane Murray-Corcoran, Jason Byrne
Running Time
15 Mins.

 "Emily's Song" Review 
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Another Crystal Heart winner, "Emily's Song" is a 15-minute film about two brothers who set aside their differences to help their father grieve the death of their mother.

Co-written and directed by Frank Kennedy, "Emily's Song" is a simple, sweet story that had the curse of being screened by me after the marvelous "Shade." Thus, many of the emotional moments of "Emily's Song" simply felt a bit more forced and lacking in authenticity. The film's brothers are Irish, and the film has a strong Irish feeling to it that is evident even throughout its production design.

Jason Byrne, Eric O'Brien and Shane Murray-Corcoran all perform competently, however, "Emily's Song" ends up feeling just a bit too short.

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